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Composer & Lyric Translator: Hai Phong Nguyen
Singers: Hai Phong Nguyen feat M4U Band
Music Arrangement & Mixer Master: Hai Phong Nguyen
Friday ,september 4th , 2009

The mist disperse when the light too blurs
A distance between us
And day by day waiting for the odds
Maybe I quit my dreams
What I remain although how long time flies?
I just get tears inside
Maybe you’re regading that rain better than my chill?
Who will you think of at dawn?
And the day you’ve gone away with my sad rain
And the day my heart is broken in love dreams, we’re not the same
I see the rain hurrily.Your smile ‘s as what I need
I feel my mind is weeping tears in rain
You’re right there snowy or you get sunny?
Have you ever recalled our rain.
Don’t know what I’m waiting for,just angel smile of yours
When the shower ends,my gentle girl that day too disappear
Vanish like the sunset. I’m still waiting for the turnback time
Believing dream ‘s still alive, but everything has gone away when days come.


Link download 1 – 192 kbits
Link download 2 – 192 kbits


Comments on: "DISAPPEAR" (1)

  1. Đến bao giờ mới có người yêu đây !huhu

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